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Illegal Numbers

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Hi all!

I decided to start this blog in order to better communicate ideas that had been brewing in my head for a long time. I wanted to take a next step on many technical projects that were outside the scope of my day job but had little external drivers in motivation to do so. I concocted this plan to make driving a technical blog audience and delivering high value content an external motivator to getting some of my own projects done and expanding my repertoire of coding and data science skills.

In a lot of ways I was inspired by my friend Harrison Bevins . He left his high paying NYC finance job to travel the world and start his own business. While I’m not as adventurous at this stage in my life as my friend I thought talking about something I’m passionate could help clarify both misconceptions for myself as well as helping the development community as a whole.

Stack Overflow is a great resource for developers and there are a ton of blogs out there on any subject you can imagine but some of the concrete problems I experienced weren’t as easily answered. In fact, large swaths of technical deficit exist in the world and tribal knowledge makes the sharing of that opaque and filled with gate keeping.

Hopefully I can keep people entertained!